Editorial Note

A  Journal  reflects  the  cultural  development  of  any  nation. Of course ,  Journal is of different types and categories. But  cultural  Journals or periodicals are  seldom published in North India  in Comparison to literary  and  scientific  Journals. The most  surprising  thing  is  this  that  the  academic institutions,  where Fine Arts are taught, rarely interested to Publish such type of Journals.  So,  the  researchers  of  Fine Arts, do feel the dire need of such  Journals  &  periodicals. Realising this problem, we have seriously thought to Publish "Gandharvam”   an online  refereed Journal,  where  the  research-oriented  write ups  of  the scholars of music  and  other  faculties  of  Fine Arts,  may  get  the opportunity to  be  published. The  journal Comprise  the articles in three languages,  viz-a-viz, English, Hindi  &  Bengali.